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17 maja 2016
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How to install the reserve parachute

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You have purchased a reserve parachute and dont now how to install it? This video will provide you with the much needed info to do it the right way.
To mount you reserve parachute in to the SCOUT Harness you will need a reserve parachute (obviously), a pair of small rubber loops (to secure the bridles in place) and a pair of shoelaces.

First step:
You will have to do is open the shoulder-straps on the harness and the protective bridle tunnel, to gain access to the existing bridles. If your reserve parachute has its own bridles , you will need to cut the existing ones (located on the shoulder straps of your harness) away as you wont need those.
Now once you have opened the tunnel the shoulder straps and you cut away the existing bridles, you will have to put the carabiners in its places (there where the bridles used to be attached before the cutting off procedure).  Please be advised that attaching the carabiner just to the grey strap is not correct.

Second step:
You will have to pull the carabiner through the loop that located under the grey strap and the grey strap.
Now attach the bridles to the carabiners.  The right bridle to the right carabiner and the left side to the left side.
To attach the bridle to the carabiner you will have to put the rubber loops on first (this will secure the bridles from moving from side to side). Get the rubber loop on the carabiner then grab the loop and twist it once(so it looks like a number 8). Now pull the bridle through the rubber loop.
Now grab the rubber loop again and make an another twist and pull the newly created little loop on the carabiner.
Once you have done this on both sides of the setting harness you can proceed to hide the bridles in its places (in the shoulder straps and the bridle tunnel).
When it is done now you will have to put the reserve parachute in its place (it is located under your SCOUT paramotors seat)

Third step:
Secure the parachute in is place by closing the flaps.
There are two white loops located on the bottom flap. Pull the shoelaces through them. Place the reserve parachute in its place and close the bottom flap.
Now get the shoelaces and pull them through the right side flaps loopholes and close the flap. Now pull the white loops througth. Repeat this step on the right side flap and the top side flap too.
Once you closed the tops side flap and the white loops are visible you can secure the reserve handle.
There are two metal hooks located on the reserve handle. to pull these through the white loops you will have to grab the laces pull them and push the hooks through the loops.
Now remove the laces by pulling them out slowly(do not pull fast as this may burn the material of the white loops and cause them to fail).
Once the laces are removed close the see-through lid/cover and you are done.

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