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Jak zmienić siatkę kosza
17 maja 2016

Jak zmienić naciąg z dynemy

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In this tutorial video we will show you how to change the netting on your SCOUT paramotor the right way.
Things and tools you are going to need:

The broken part
New replacement part
14 pieces of Dyneema netting loops
14 pieces of rivets. 2.4mmx6mm in size (with black dome if possible)  
Rivet Gun

First step:

To be able to fit the netting on the new part we will have to remove it from the broken  section by cutting off the dyneema loops that connect the netting with the outer hoop section.
Once the cutting procedure has been done you will have to remove all leftover dyneema  pieces from the netting.

Second step:

Now you will have to make a loop from the little dyneema loops. It is easy and simple just pull one end of the loop through the eye of the netting than feed it through the other end of the dyneema loop.

Third Step:

Grab the new outer hoop section place it front of you so that it sits flat and with both ends facing upwards.  We will start from left to right (it does not matter from which side to which side you will proceed). Now grab the first loop you have created in the second step an put it inside the first hole on the outer hoop section. Once you have done that, grab a rivet put that inside to in the same hole. Keep hold of the rivet and pull it until you feel a bit of a resistance. Now do the same on the remaining 13 holes.

Forth step:

Grab the rivet gun push its nozzle on the rivet and keep squeezing until it pops. Do the same on all the rivets.

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